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22nd July 2014

Event: The EU Emissions Trading System - All You Need To Know About The World’s Largest Carbon Market

13th December 2013

Germany is not the Green leader they want you to believe

8th November 2013

Back-loading agreed, next stop structural reform.

24th October 2013

How will the government best meet its strategic energy and climate interest whilst responding to public concerns?

16th October 2013

Has Germany benefited from the Carbon Market?

25th September 2013

Auf wiedersehen to the thorn in the side of German and EU Climate ambition

3rd July 2013

EU Parliament takes first key step in fixing the EU carbon market

19th June 2013

Environment Committee gives back-loading the green light

29th April 2013

Back-loading debate reaches the House of Commons and the House of Lords

16th April 2013

The European Parliament rejects short term fix for for massive oversupply problem

11th April 2013

BASF’s Emissions Trading Burden

26th January 2013

EU ETS at a crossroads: recalibrating an oversupplied market to spur investments and innovation

22nd January 2013

Two quotes that should change the world - and European industry must take note.

19th November 2012

Massive surge in offsetting as European companies rush to use banned credits

25th September 2012

The CDM is still the hostage of ambition

30th August 2012

EU-OZ link sets global emissions trading scheme in motion

26th July 2012

Call for ArcelorMittal to make 2012 Olympic Games carbon neutral by cancelling a fraction of its vast surplus of carbon allowances.

18th May 2012

Trading places? / 碳排放交易:中国超越欧洲?

25th April 2012

China may steal a march on Europe in fight against climate change

24th April 2012

China’s emissions trading pilots are starting to take shape as the EU’s flagship climate policy looks increasingly fragile.

23rd March 2012

Baroness Worthington's reaction to the 2012 Budget

19th March 2012

The UK's flawed Carbon Floor Price

8th November 2011

Sandbag launches Klimagoldesel report on German Carbon Fatcats

15th July 2011

Buckle Up! Report Launch at the European Parliament

16th May 2011

Environmental Groups Call for Extension of Industrial Gas Offsets Ban

15th March 2011

Denmark leads the way in setting the standard for offset usage under the Effort Sharing Decision, but who will follow?

26th November 2010

The European Commission shows its hand on industrial gas offset restrictions (and much more in the process)

16th November 2010

China continues to eye a domestic emissions trading system

14th October 2010

Clearer policy direction in uncapped sectors needed to help EU meet 30% target

3rd September 2010

Offset quality needs to take into account more than just HFCs

18th August 2010

HFCs are down but they are not out...

14th July 2010

New offsetting report launched with updated map

25th May 2010

The EU Emissions Trading scheme looks set to lock in emissions, allowing pollution to take place rather than encouraging cuts

20th April 2010

Commission accepts Poland's NAP but the allowance remains to generous

29th March 2010

Climate change is in crisis but it's not time for a new approach, lets work with what we have got

11th February 2010

China’s venturing into a carbon market 10/02/10