13th Sep 2016

From Energiewende to transformacja energetyczna a la Polonaise?

Last week Ola Mirowicz, Sandbag’s Climate Policy Adviser, spoke at the Polish Economic Forum in Krynica about the opportunities for Central and Eastern European (CEE) countries to address the challenge ...

12th Sep 2016

Oxburgh report shows a bright future for UK CCS

Sandbag welcomes the publication of the Oxburgh report today, commissioned by the previous Secretary of State ...

2nd Sep 2016

EU carbon price falls below €4

The price for an EU Emissions Trading System (ETS) allowance1 fell below €4 today, the lowest since 2013. Despite proposed reforms to the ETS, the carbon market has struggled for years ...

Sandbag is recognised as a top global climate think-tank

  • Sandbag ... strikes a balance between underlining the merits of the EU ETS and criticising the weaknesses.
    - Connie Hedegaard, European Commissioner for Climate Action, speaking at the launch of Sandbag's "Buckle Up!" report in the European Parliament
  • Sandbag is playing a crucial role in making sure that Europe's cornerstone climate policy actually does its job.
    - Caroline Lucas, MP
  • An inspirational idea that promises to make a real and positive difference... and a wonderful opportunity to help sort out the climate mess we've all created.
    - Prof. Chris Turney, University of Exeter and author of Ice, Mud and Blood: Lessons from Climates Past
  • It just seems to be a campaign that gets right in there with how big companies work, beating them at their own game, rather than standing by spouting platitudes, wringing hands and doing nothing. Keep up the good work!
    - Sandbag supporter
  • Probably the most creative anti-climate change website around.
    - Alok Jha, The Guardian ( listen to the podcast)
  • I am a graduate student researching EU foreign policy on climate change. Sandbag has been the only source that has been able to bring a degree of transparency to the ETS.
    - sandbag supporter
  • I consider your offset map to be a massive step forward in transparency in carbon markets, and a wholly positive development.
    - sandbag supporter
  • What I like most about Sandbag is that a group of brilliant people are working on what matters rather than just what is visible or easy to engage with.
    - sandbag supporter

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