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23rd December 2015

Farewell Sandbag!

12th December 2015

After the celebrations this weekend lets get Europe's legal frameworks fit-for-purpose

16th September 2014

Reflections from visiting the Polish Economic Forum

14th February 2014

Why Sandbag?

16th April 2013

What next for the EU ETS?

15th April 2013

Vote to support back-loading or those wanting to kill carbon pricing will claim a victory

6th November 2012

Emissions trading with Chinese and Korean characteristics

9th May 2012

Korean move boosts prospect for global carbon trading hub

12th October 2011

Australia votes in favour of carbon pricing bill

16th May 2011

UK to set tough 2025 carbon target but needs polices to meet it

3rd November 2010

California votes for a clean energy future as 'Prop 23' is roundly defeated

27th October 2010

Thoughts on the future of the climate movement

4th October 2010

Our reply to George Monbiot: there is a system that works - its called corporate lobbying

12th August 2010

Cap and trade is dead, long live cap and trade.

23rd June 2010

Delays in UK green policies could dissuade investment in the short term

16th June 2010

Obama’s Oval Office speech signals move away from cap and trade

30th April 2010

EU Move to 30% affordable and feasible

1st April 2010

EU emissions plunge leaving emissions trading scheme high and dry

3rd March 2010

Don't let the carbon fat cats stop us moving to 30%

14th February 2010

Climate discussion postponed as economic issues and Greece dominate summit

18th January 2010

EU Environment Ministers agree to carry on doing nothing

21st December 2009

Jan 31st 2010: the new deadline for saving billions of tonnes of emissions

18th December 2009

The final stages in the game

10th December 2009

China v. the USA: end of round one.

9th December 2009

The leaked 'Danish text' may not be perfect but what else could they have done?

5th December 2009

Cap and Trade under fire

1st December 2009

How to have a good COP

26th November 2009

Hiding behind numbers

2nd November 2009

Sandbag and the Rough Guide to Green Living

15th October 2009

Europe needs to aim higher

23rd September 2009

New global communities are the way forward

22nd September 2009

Yet more words when it's action that’s needed

11th September 2009

T-shirt day

9th September 2009

Why airlines should be paying for permits

30th August 2009

Don't give up on Copenhagen

22nd July 2009

Emissions trading brought to life

18th July 2009

Real time carbon: the new way to be green

14th July 2009

Dawn of carbon budgeting: now every tonne counts

6th July 2009

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

1st June 2009

Carbon Expo musings

17th May 2009

Why we feel misunderstood

6th May 2009

Climate Change Policy – Australia says: “It’s really hard”

23rd April 2009

Could it just be the sunny weather

8th April 2009

EU ETS narrowly avoids disaster

1st April 2009

We've updated our map

31st March 2009

Carbon Trading Day

16th March 2009

Carbon Markets Conference, Copenhagen 2009

23rd February 2009

What Europe needs to do to save their carbon market

28th January 2009

EU unveils a cunning plan

22nd January 2009

Carbon tumbling (part 2)

19th January 2009

Carbon price tumbling (part 1)

23rd December 2008


12th December 2008

So much for leadership

2nd December 2008

Carbon budgets in the UK

30th November 2008

Welcome back USA we've missed you

4th November 2008

The times they are a-changing (and other clichés)

24th October 2008

To sell or not to sell...

17th October 2008

Frogs in boiling water

11th October 2008


7th October 2008

Super Tuesday

17th September 2008

Last night's launch

12th September 2008

It's out there

11th September 2008

3 days to go

9th September 2008

Counting down....

17th August 2008

Why offsetting can be upsetting

6th August 2008

what price carbon?

24th July 2008


14th July 2008

Moving on

2nd July 2008

I don't know what it is but I like it...

21st June 2008

King Corn and Capitalism

14th June 2008

What makes a good party?

7th June 2008

Throwing the baby out with the bath water

1st June 2008

Getting the genie back in the bottle

25th May 2008

EU emissions still rising

17th May 2008


30th April 2008

Transport and emissions trading

22nd April 2008

Putting Consumers Centre Stage?

10th April 2008

Bear with us

9th April 2008

This makes me more than a little irate

3rd April 2008

It's all about time and money

30th March 2008

The Day After Tomorrow Sweded

28th March 2008

We think

22nd March 2008

Offsetting is confusing

19th March 2008

This is not

15th March 2008

Green Budget?

3rd March 2008

The map arrives!

23rd February 2008

Is emissions trading working?

17th February 2008

How to not get dragged into flaming wars with climate change deniers?

15th February 2008

We exist! sort of.

13th February 2008

What to do about Sally?

31st January 2008

Desert inspiration