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12th April 2016

We must close the loopholes in Britain's carbon budget

15th March 2016

UK targets Net Zero emissions, but carbon accounting flaws remain

19th February 2016

Calling something a flagship policy doesn’t make it one

26th November 2015

5th carbon budget should do what it says on the tin

21st October 2015

Europe’s 2030 climate offer threatened by massive over-delivery of 2020 target

3rd August 2015

As Paris approaches, an easy route to increased EU climate ambition

19th May 2015

A reality check for the UK's carbon budgets

6th May 2015

Breakthrough reform of EU carbon market agreed

5th May 2015

Huge oversupply in EU carbon market persists despite emergency fix

30th April 2015

Groundbreaking advances on carbon market reform in EU Council

1st April 2015

Emissions in Europe’s carbon market reach 2020 target six years early

24th February 2015

Parliament makes landmark decision on fixing Europe’s carbon market

17th February 2015

European Commission’s carbon market fix could face ten year setback

28th October 2014

Is Europe’s new climate target a walk in the park?

20th October 2014

UK government takes the lead in calling for ambitious carbon market fix

23rd September 2014

Sandbag urges the Environment Committee to object to the 2015-2019 carbon leakage list

16th July 2014

UK says Commission’s fix on carbon market is not enough

3rd June 2014

Coalition tightens UK carbon budgets ahead of climate negotiations

16th May 2014

Transparency issues compound problems with EU carbon market

2nd April 2014

Europe’s ten biggest carbon polluters in 2013

20th March 2014

Poland gets best deal under past carbon targets, report finds

22nd January 2014

Commission takes a step in the right direction on future climate policy

9th December 2013

The EU's 2020 targets allow massive growth in emissions: Emissions Trading Scheme reform is urgently needed ahead of 2020

9th October 2013

EU climate policy outpaced by emissions reductions

1st October 2013

IPCC carbon budgets set the new bottom line for an international climate deal

9th September 2013

The shale debate is over, now let’s talk about climate targets

6th September 2013

European industry is crying crocodile tears over the reduction in free allowances

26th June 2013

Drifting toward disaster? The ETS adrift in Europe’s climate efforts

10th June 2013

Europe risks going backwards on climate change unless emissions targets are increased

30th May 2013

Europe smashes weak 2020 climate target nine years early

2nd May 2013

Surge in offsets threatens to overwhelm EU’s troubled carbon market

2nd April 2013

New emissions data builds pressure to rescue Europe’s failing emissions trading scheme

14th February 2013

German companies rolling in spare carbon allowances while carbon market fix hangs in the balance

26th November 2012

French government should remember carbon allowances in ArcelorMittal dispute

1st November 2012

Two more nails in the 20% coffin

30th July 2012

Downplaying the backload – Timid framing in the Commission's latest ETS proposal

19th June 2012

More than a year's worth (2 bn tonnes) of emissions allowances must be withheld to fix EU carbon trading scheme

2nd April 2012

New data adds pressure to rescue Europe’s emissions trading scheme

8th March 2012

UK NGO coalition urges Ed Davey to support EU climate milestones

28th February 2012

European Parliament gives mandate for fixing the EU Emissions Trading System

23rd January 2012

Commission finds 30% climate target economically better for Europe

4th January 2012

Emissions trading is the right approach, despite what Civitas says

20th December 2011

The EU's inclusion of aviation into the EU ETS gets the green light from European Court of Justice

17th November 2011

Note of correction to ThyssenKrupp figures in Sandbag’s Klimagoldesel

7th September 2011

Sandbag submits evidence to the Energy and Climate Change Committee

18th August 2011

A Response to UK Steel

17th March 2011

Hercules & Atlas - shifting climate responsibility back to the titans

4th March 2011

Healthier and wealthier: why more climate ambition makes sense for Europe

21st February 2011

Targets and budgets back in the spotlight

14th December 2010

Italy’s wasted Kyoto billions

4th December 2010

Irrationality and Pessimism in Ridley's Rational Optimist

29th October 2010

Come off it, Moffat! An inside peek at steel lobbying tactics

20th October 2010

Sandbag shortlisted for NGO of the Year at European Public Affairs Awards

10th September 2010

EU Emissions trading scheme threatens to trap Europe in a high carbon future

14th June 2010

Free riding on free allocations

27th January 2010

Time for lukewarm Europe to turn up the heat

9th January 2010

Crouching Tigers Hidden Dragons

18th December 2009

Starting the next journey – from Copenhagen to Mexico

11th November 2009

Still big hurdles to leap after Barcelona

29th September 2009

A new breed of climate hero

22nd June 2009

Ambitious Mitigation Targets? Bonn Chance!

30th April 2009

Energy giants call for tougher carbon framework

21st April 2009

Sandbagging the Green New Deal

3rd April 2009

Introducing one of our new campaigners....