Carbon Capture and Storage

To reduce European and UK greenhouse gas emissions cost-effectively, CCS must be rapidly deployed, especially in industry.

Sandbag recognises that, combined with a rapid phase out of coal plants, carbon capture and storage (CCS) is essential to cost-effectively meet the EU and UK’s emission reductions targets. This is supported by analysis by organisations including the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the International Energy Agency and the UK Committee on Climate Change.

Many industrial sectors like steel and cement produce CO2 as part of the manufacturing process, and so have limited options to reduce their emissions. To keep building the low-carbon society, CCS is essential for industry.

In some European countries like the UK, gas power generation is forecast to be required for a short period as we transition to clean energy, and we expect to see an increase in new gas generation. For climate targets to be met, gas emissions must be reduced from ~450gCO2/kWh down to 50-100gCO2/kWh by 2030, and therefore CCS must play a role.

The EU carbon price will not be enough to deliver commercial CCS projects and therefore there will need to be additional support provided at the EU and Member State level.

Sandbag is working with other NGOs, academia and industry to:

  • examine how CCS can be brought forward in Europe through a ‘hubs and cluster approach’; bringing CO2 emissions from different industries and safely storing it offshore;
  • consider how CCS can be sustainably financed, and the role Government needs to play;
  • support the development of a coalition of CCS leaders and champions to make CCS for industry and gas a reality;
  • influence the UK Government response to Lord Oxburgh’s September 2016 report “Lowest Cost Decarbonisation for the UK: The Critical Role of CCS

Sandbag also provides the Secretariat for the UK All Party Parliamentary Group on CCS.

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