Poland’s Last Gasp

A new briefing focused on the Polish coal companies making Poland and Europe sick

RWE: Deutsche Bank and Goldman Sachs top creditors of Europe’s Worst Coal Polluter

Today a set of new briefings reveals the major banks which are keeping RWE and other major European coal burning companies afloat.

Last Gasp: The coal companies making Europe sick

Produced with high-resolution atmospheric modelling, new research reveals how air pollution from Europe’s 103 coal companies is damaging public health.

ETS & Brexit: The Budget answers some questions but poses others

There are many questions to be answered to pass the ‘Bridge of Death’ and avoid the ‘Gorge of Eternal Climate Peril’ in the event of a no-deal Brexit

Keeping Coal Down

A coalition of environment groups wrote to the Chancellor calling for a strong carbon price to keep coal emissions low.

‘No Deal’ Brexit will trigger a UK coal resurgence

A ‘No Deal’ Brexit will result in a major increase in coal burn. The UK needs a strong carbon price to ensure a smooth transition from coal to clean

Tracking the European Union Emissions Trading System carbon market price day-by-day.
Closing ECX EUA Futures prices, Continuous Contract #1. Non-adjusted price based on spot-month continuous contract calculations. Raw data from ICE via Quandl.

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