The Carbon story

In the past,

there was no limit to CO2 pollution... in Europe

big polluters need permits.

Permits are issued by the EU,

setting a cap on pollution...

...but too many are being issued,

giving little incentive to reduce pollution.

Destroy permits with Sandbag

and take them out of the system...

...and lobby to tell politicians

not to issue so many.

Together we can help

prevent millions of tonnes of carbon emissions

Why carbon destruction?

In Europe big polluters need pollution permits. These permits, issued by the EU, provide a legal limit on CO2 emissions.*

However there are too many permits - meaning little incentive to reduce pollution and millions of tonnes more CO2.

Sandbag's Carbon Destruction lets you take action to change this:

  1. Buy permits and immediately take them out of the system. Each permit represents the right to emit one tonne of CO2.*
    (For reference, taking an average across the UK, each person is responsible for around 7 tonnes of CO2 *)
  2. At the same time you can send an email calling on EU politicians to repair the European Emissions Trading Scheme and make sure that it is both ambitious and fair.

You can also donate to support our work, as we shine a light on what's broken in emissions trading and lobby to repair it. Together we can help prevent millions of tonnes of CO2 emissions and promote a cleaner economy.

Who has destroyed carbon?

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*Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is the main gas covered by the ETS, but the allowances you destroy can also be used to cover emissions of other greenhouse gases, namely Nitrous Oxide (N2O) and Perfluorocarbons (PFCs). Sectors covered include oil refineries, steel works and production of iron, aluminium, metals, cement, lime, glass, ceramics, pulp, paper, cardboard, acids, bulk organic chemical, and commercial aviation.

Current carbon price:

£6.75 per permit

You can make more of an impact by sending an email to the EU, telling them to tighten the caps.

As soon as you make a payment we will cancel a permit in your name and send you an e-certificate.