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From January - July 2010 we hosted a petition calling on the newly elected leaders of the EU to prioritise higher ambition from Europe in relation to its climate targets. This debate is still on-going - the next decision points will be in Cancun in December or the European Spring Council in 2011. Though we have now closed the petition we are currently seeking to work with other NGOs to provide a new way for civil society to express its views on this issue and hope to provide an update in due course.

Copenhagen: EU Not Done Yet!

The Copenhagen climate talks were a disappointment but it is not over yet. The EU has so far still failed to give a clear answer to the question of what their future emissions reduction target will be. The UN deadline agreed for entering a target into the Copenhagen Accord has passed and the EU is still sticking to its 20%/30% line. But the only way to get global emissions on to a declining pathway is if all countries adopt the upper end of their ambition or better yet exceed it.

Europe has the opportunity to inject new enthusiasm and hope into the deflated international climate talks by adopting a more ambitious target.

Europe must lead by example. A 30% cut by 2020 is easier to achieve than ever and this must be the absolute minimum number that should be agreed.

Dear President Van Rompuy,

As the appointed President of the European Union I am writing to ask you both to take urgent action to ensure that the EU reclaims its role as an international leader on climate change.

The Copenhagen negotiations ended in disappointment last year but the political accord that was agreed is not yet finalised. If Europe pledges to reduce its emissions by at least 30% on 1990 levels this would help inject vital momentum into the international process. It would also rebuild trust with developing countries that the EU is not only serious about preventing world temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees but also about our historical responsibility for CO2 in the atmosphere.

The European Environment Agency has estimated that we are now already halfway to a 30% target. Even before climate policies are strengthened the gap is more than half filled by access to international offsets and surplus emissions permits. A move to 30% is not only cheaper than ever, but also vital to ensure that Europe does not lose out on the economic opportunities for green investment and jobs.

Copenhagen is not done yet. Staying at 20% is our business as usual. I urge you to ensure that the EU moves to at least a 30% target without delay.

Yours sincerely

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