Sandbag is a UK based not-for-profit organisation campaigning for environmentally and economically effective climate policies, with a focus on the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS).
Our campaigns are supported by in-house research that monitors the environmental robustness of the ETS, the distribution of allowances, and how key sectors, installations and companies in the scheme are affected.
Through small changes in carbon markets, both in Europe and across the world, billions of tonnes of carbon dioxide can be prevented from entering the atmosphere; with our analysis and lobbying, we can make sure that’s what happens.
Join us in calling for tighter caps on emissions and/or take direct action to cancel carbon permits now.
Find our work useful?
Use this map to explore how emissions trading is operating in the EU. You can search the data in lots of different ways including by postcode (enter: postcode, country) by sector or by selected companies. Click on the power station and factory icons, which are scaled according to size of their emissions, to find out about their emissions and allocations of permits. We've coloured the installations with more permits than they need in red to show how important it is that fewer permits are handed out in the future.
Click on an example below to see what you can find out using the map:
First time users may like to watch our tutorial:
You can easily embed the Sandbag 2009 EU Emissionsmap into your website. The map is 800px wide and 500px high. Please let us know if you do as we'd like to keep a record of where it's used.
Just copy the following html code and paste it where you want the map to appear on your site:
<iframe src ="" width="800px" height="500px"><p>Unfortunately your browser does not support iframes, so the embedded map could not be displayed. Please go to to see the Sandbag Emissionsmap</p></iframe>
var country_options = [['All countries','EU'],['Austria','AT'],['Belgium','BE'],['Bulgaria','BG'],['Cyprus','CY'],['Czech Republic','CZ'],['Denmark','DK'],['Estonia','EE'],['Finland','FI'],['France','FR'],['Germany','DE'],['Greece','GR'],['Hungary','HU'],['Ireland','IE'],['Italy','IT'],['Latvia','LV'],['Liechtenstein','LI'],['Lithuania','LT'],['Luxembourg','LU'],['Malta','MT'],['Netherlands','NL'],['Norway','NO'],['Poland','PL'],['Portugal','PT'],['Romania','RO'],['Slovakia','SK'],['Slovenia','SI'],['Spain','ES'],['Sweden','SE'],['United Kingdom','GB']]; var company_options = [['None','none'],['Agriconserve Rega','11658'],['ArcelorMittal','3001'],['Bombardier Transportation','10813'],['Cemex','3009'],['Corus','3011'],['E.ON *','3027'],['EGL AG','11657'],['Elektrociepłownia EC Nowa...','3006'],['ENEL/Endesa','3051'],['GE','11238'],['Holcim (Belgique), S. A.','12628'],['Industeel','3002'],['Jäckering Mühlen- und...','11659'],['Lafarge *','3014'],['Nestle *','3032'],['PrimaVera S.p.A.','11661'],['Riva Group','3017'],['Segal','3012'],['SSAB EMEA AB','12630'],['Swedish Energy Agency -...','11660'],['ThyssenKrupp','3025'],['Twinerg (Power & Heat)','3004'],['U.S. Steel','3026'],['Válcovny Plechu','3003'],['Vattenfall AB','3052']]; var sector_options = [['None','none'],['Combustion','1'],['Refineries','2'],['Coke ovens','3'],['Metal ore processing','4'],['Iron & Steel','5'],['Cement/Lime','6'],['Glass','7'],['Ceramic','8'],['Paper production','9'],['Other','99'],['Aircraft','10'],['Manufacture of ceramics','32'],['Combustion of fuels','20'],['Production of bulk chemicals','42'],['Production or processing of ferrous metals','25'],['Production of cement clinker','29'],['Production of pig iron or steel','24'],['Production of ammonia','41'],['Production of primary aluminium','26'],['Production of paper or cardboard','36'],['Refining of mineral oil','21'],['Production or processing of non-ferrous metals','28'],['Production of pulp','35'],['Production of secondary aluminium','27'],['Production of lime, or calcination of dolomite/magnesite','30'],['Manufacture of glass','31'],['Production or processing of gypsum or plasterboard','34'],['Production of carbon black','37'],['Production of nitric acid','38'],['Production of hydrogen and synthesis gas','43'],['Manufacture of mineral wool','33']];
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